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Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Adults with a Single Cerebral Hemisphere

A reliable set of functional brain networks is found in healthy people and thought to underlie our cognition, emotion, and behavior. Here, we investigated these networks by quantifying intrinsic functional connectivity in six individuals who had undergone surgical removal of one hemisphere. Hemispherectomy subjects and healthy controls were scanned with identical parameters on the same scanner and compared to a large normative sample (n = 1,482). Surprisingly, hemispherectomy subjects and controls all showed strong and equivalent intrahemispheric connectivity between brain regions typically assigned to the same functional network. Connectivity between parts of different networks, however, was markedly increased for almost all hemispherectomy participants and across all networks. These results support the hypothesis of a shared set of functional networks that underlie cognition and suggest that betweennetwork interactions may characterize functional reorganization in hemispherectomy.

In Cell Reports

Lo que hemos aprendido gracias a seis personas que solo tienen medio cerebro, El País , 19/11/2019