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Are the two languages represented differently in the bilingual brain?

In a meta-analysis of 52 neuroimaging studies, Suplizio et al. (2020) conclude that L1 and L2 shared a similar neural network, with only few differences depending on the linguistic level (age of acquisition, namely early or late bilinguals). Full text

Few differences of the two neural networks:

Lexico-semantic processing in L1 involves a widespread system of cortico-subcortical regions than L2, especially when L2 is acquired later in life. L2 processing recruits regions exceeding the L1 semantic network and relating to executive control processes.

Lexico-semanctis: Activations for early (red) and late (blue) bilinguals (L1>L2);
Phonology. Activations in red = L1>L2; in blue = L2>L1. Only few regions displayed selective activation for grammar.

The language control network reveals a functional overlap between domain-general and bilingual language control networks.

Language control. Activations for early (red) and late (blue) bilinguals.

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